Nov 12, 2012
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Google Authorship Will Soon Undergo Automation

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Recently, the internet was abuzz with an interesting news item related to Google authorship. The news piece suggested that Google authorship might soon become automatic. Don’t be astounded just as of now. Google seems to have become serious about solving the ever-twined authorship maze- taking care of one social media network at a time. Several instances have been posted on the World Wide Web, which is based on the author results shown in the SERPs.

This discovery was first made by an individual of Indian origin, who noticed this while surfing the net and alerted other users by starting a discussion thread on the Webmaster World forum. Through the thread, this member named sunnyujjawal, informed his fellow members at the forum that author thumbnails in Google + results were showing Pinterest URLs even when the author hadn’t signed up for Google Authorship markup. This news can lead to several implications for the webmasters in the times to come.

Seems like Google has become confident enough about trusting social networking profiles to get confirmation about an author’s bio. That is why it is determinately displaying pictures of authors alongside their content in SERP results, even when the author has not signed up for Google Authorship. No! No! This in no ways means that you need not sign up for Google Authorship anymore. In fact, this is the best time to create your Google Authorship account. It shows that Google has started paying more heed to Author Rank while determining a website’s ranking on SERP.

This news is a clear indication that Google has started considering your online reputation as a factor to determine the page rank of your articles. If you utilize this opportunity aptly, you can attain top ranks on search engines and dominate your niche without spending hours digging on the right keywords.

Google authorship is also known to bring about a big time change in the SEO world. Let’s take a look at some ways in which Google Authorship will impact the entire concept of search engine optimization:

  1. Using Rel=Author tag in all your articles will pose you as an expert author in the Google search results. This will ensure that you get a strong reputation online. If you keep posting relevant posts on a particular topic it will make you a niche expert and you will gain followers. You can use this following to improve organic traffic on your website.
  2. Google authorship markup also helps in improving the click through rate. This will in turn increase the number of clicks your website gets.
  3. If you are using authorship, surfers can easily view your Google + profile. This will allow them to get up close and personal with you. They can add you to their circles and be up to date about any posts that you may publish in near future.

Search engine optimization is all about building strong online relationships. Google Authorship makes you visible to the world, which helps you in promoting your brand and business identity in a better manner.

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