Oct 20, 2012
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5 Ways To Increase Conversions With Geotargetting

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In essence, geotargeting finds out where visitors are coming from location-wise in relation to specific website. The way that this happens is through cookies; little pieces of information which are planted by a website on a web user’s browser. When the cookie is in place, businesses can really reap the rewards in different ways; in terms of monetary gains, advertising, search rankings, displaying news and others. Here are the top five ways in which you as a business holder can benefit from geotargeting.

Region-Selective Advertising

The beauty of online advertising is that any unique advert has the opportunity to reach anyone in the whole digital world; no matter where they are. By utilize geotargeting you will be able to be as precise as you want in regards to web user location. This way, you will be able to show a specific advert to people in select regions of certain countries; making your adverts highly targeted and far more successful.


If your business works on an international scale, you may employ different business models for different countries. For example, you may have different deals, products or packages for a range of countries; by using geotargeting, the technological process will automatically detect where the online user is coming from and thus will display the relevant information to them. Geotargeting will also enable you to display the right currency to your users depending on where they come from.

Visual Elements

As well as text, the visual element in online marketing is very important. Different cultures around the world don’t always associate images, signs, symbols and colours with the same things. With geotargeting you can experiment with the visual aspect of your website based upon a web user’s location; seeing what works to bring consumers in – and then building on that.

Language-Specific Geotargeting

Language is a big factor in the world of geotargeting. There is no use displaying your website written in English to a Portuguese web user. Geotargeting allows you to target languages; for example sending French orientated advert to France and so forth. However, you must remember to create a way for web users to change the language if needs be; if they are a tourist in a foreign country using the internet.

Will Save your Business Money

By using geotargeting for advertising, you will be focussing on the certain demographics of your web users. By narrowing down and pinpointing a handful of users to display your advert to (compared to displaying it to the whole world) you not only be saving wasteful clicks but be spending less on overall exposure. Make every click worthwhile with geotargeting.

Geotargeting, when utilized properly, is an unstoppable tool designed to bring success to your business – and has been proven to be financially beneficial on many levels. The more you can understand about different countries and cultures, the better; it all will help when using geotargeting to benefit your business.

Article contributed by Jeff Mullins; a marketing executive and content strategist at online ink and toner cartridges shop, PrinterInks.com.

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  • Would you suggest using this tactic starting out? Or wait until it reaches a certain region naturally? Like should I target folks in Sweden when I’m getting zero traffic from there?

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